California Educators Appeal Decision in Meritless Vergara Lawsuit

The California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers on behalf of their more than 400,000 members filed a notice of appeal asking that Judge Rolf M. Treu’s ruling in Vergara v. State of California be reversed in its entirety. Stating that Judge Treu’s decision striking down five California Education Code provisions “is without support in law or fact,” the appeal says that Treu’s reversible errors are “too numerous to list.”

"The Vergara ruling makes clear that Judge Treu failed to engage the evidence presented in court by education experts and school superintendents who testified that teacher rights are not impediments to well-run schools and districts,” said CFT President Joshua Pechthalt.

To read the entire press release from the California Federation of Teachers and the California Teachers Association, click here.


Judge’s final “Vergara” ruling an attack on teachers

The final decision rendered by Los Angeles Superior Court judge Rolf Treu in theVergara v. California case offered no new reasoning or information as to how stripping teachers of their workplace professional rights will help students gain a better education. In rolling back the protections that allow teachers to educate their students and advocate for them without fear of arbitrary and capricious retaliation, the judge has set back a century of well-reasoned law.

“In ignoring all the real problems of public education, this is simply an anti-union attack masquerading as a civil rights issue,” said Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers.

To read the entire press release from the California Federation of Teachers and the California Teachers Association, click here.

More information on the case as well as background can be found here and here.


Beyond Vergara – The Fight for Due Process Rights Goes National

The legal system is currently working its way down the slow road to an appeal in the Vergara v. California lawsuit. In June, a misguided judge ruled in favor of a group of plaintiffs and their backers bent on eliminating teachers’ rights and in turn destroying public education. While the fight in California continues, the battlefield has expanded nationally, most notably to New York.

In July, two different groups filed lawsuits in New York State aimed at eliminating due process rights for teachers (the state’s attorney general is moving to consolidate the two suits). Many of the same players from the Vergara lawsuit are appearing in the New York lawsuit, including the Silicon Valley millionaire behind Vergara. Perhaps the most well-known person participating in the New York lawsuits is none other than Campbell Brown, the former news reporter-turned-head of the Partnership for Educational Justice. She recently had a memorable appearance on The Colbert Report; the Washington Post did some eye-opening fact checking of her claims; and Esquire added this humorous and alarming insight.

What all this shows is that so-called education reformers looking to eradicate due process rights for teachers under the guise of education reform continue their march toward the privatization of public education. Stay tuned.


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